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Elaine Walker is a composer, electronic musician, and theorist. She specializes in microtonal music, including founding ZIA, an all electronic band, and performing with D.D.T. She has performed with and mixed the bands Number Sine, Vitruvian, and Alcoholiday.[1] She describes: "I compose microtonal music strictly by ear and leave it to others to analyze, so you won't find ratios or mathematics here."[2]

Walker has a Music Synthesis Production degree from Berklee College of Music (1991) and a master's degree in Music Technology from New York University (2001).[1] She was co-musical director for Pokémon with 4Kids Entertainment, and later GoGoRiki. Each summer she is Education and Public Outreach Coordinator for the Haughton-Mars Project.[1] Her website includes writings such as a description of the use of chaos (the logistic equation) in composition.[3]

She has composed using various temperaments, including the Bohlen–Pierce scale: Stick Men (1991), Love Song, and Greater Good (2011).[4] Other tunings include 10 and 19 equal temperament. A member of the Space Frontier Foundation, she is donating a percentage of her CD Mars to the Haughton–Mars Project, made a music video on the Martian-like terrain at Devon Island, and has many space or alien themed titles, including "Red Dreams", "Martian Nation", "Humans and Martian Machines", "The Tenth Planet", and Frontier Creatures.[5] She composed the theme to Yuri's Night.

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