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Liburn Jupolli (born 11 December 1989 in Pristina, Kosovo) is an Albanian musician from Kosovo.

From the age of 12 he began to compose and to study music theory and composition taking private lessons in parallel with piano studies. Finished primary and high school of music in piano studies and 2 years of composition with prof.Zeqiria Ballata at the University of Prishtina. Since 2004 he has written music for theater,[1] film, animation, visual and conceptual productions[2] in the Balkans, and has written works for instrumentalists and ensembles from Kosovo and abroad. He also works on design and remodeling of new instruments, and since 2010 he finished in 5 original instruments.[3][dead link] Actually he studies composition in Paris at the "Jacques Ibert" Conservatory in the class of Stéphane de Gérando and electroacoustic composition at the CRR de Paris in the class of Denis Dufour. His music has been performed in Kosovo,[4] Denmark, France,[5] Germany, Italy,[6][7] England,[8] Finland,[9] Estonia,[10] Slovakia[11] and New York City.[12][13]

Instruments[edit | edit source]

Octo[edit | edit source]

The Octo[14] is the 1st instrument built in collaboration with Ari Lehtela(luthier-USA/Finland) it features : 8 strings, 43 microtonal frets, 8 separate outputs.

Clossor[edit | edit source]

The Clossor is the 1st remodeled instrument it features work in external design,1 new option of pre-recording in cassette-mode mounted in the back part of the body fretless neck and soon a switchable bridge from bass to contrabass.

The Sentinel[edit | edit source]

The Sentinel is a 88 string amplified instrument played by a special keyboard system which utilises electromotors to vibrate the strings.

Nematocera[edit | edit source]

Nematocera is a 67 string amplified instrument and in a kind of microtonal, electric koto.

Stragonaal[edit | edit source]

Stragonaal is a percussive metallic, amplified instrument made out of several metallic bowls.It is played by strking as regular percussions and by bowing. This version is a 1st prototype of what the real on is going to be and it has less properties to it.

Bands[edit | edit source]

Om Quartet[edit | edit source]

The Freelancers[edit | edit source]

Elektorati Intelektual[edit | edit source]

Me T'Njofshem[edit | edit source]

Works[edit | edit source]

Piano[edit | edit source]

  • In Memoriam (2006)
  • Sight of a Crypt (2007)
  • Dance of the humanised Myrrh creatures (2007)
  • Dead Circus (2007)
  • Micro-suite en blanc et noir (2015)

Strings[edit | edit source]

  • Eta Carinae (2006) for solo violin
  • 3 Dadaist Dances (2009), for string trio
  • Mali me vesh (2015), for Octo solo

Electroacoustic[edit | edit source]

  • A world of Abel Dereck Black (2011)
  • Svens first dream (2012)
  • Malangt (2015)

Discography[edit | edit source]

With Om Quartet

  • 2008 – Om Quatet Live at Prishtina Jazz Festival

With The Freelancers

  • 2012 – N’Kuti

With Elektorati Intelektual

  • 2014 – Demokoroacia EP

With Me T’Njofshem a.k.a. MTNJ

  • 2012 – Shume Cica

  • 2016 "Arc"

Dallendyshe N’Vullkan


Krejt familja jon Djalosha

Crystal Fire

Me ker

Reunion)Greatest Hits)

Mtnj 1085

Kingom of Electric Insects

Rroni nuk plaket

Hyper Multi

Panki me vi

Takimet e Franc Listtit me Take on me take me out

Ska sepse edhe pershkak

Prej Kosoves drejt n’Evrope

Live in Iceland

Po m’tingllon qysh po m’pelqen


Lightweight Temperaycher

Teko Sacke

Tom Entraintion

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