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Robert Walker[edit source]

Hi, I'm Robert, a mathematician as well as a programmer, with a special interest in microtonal music as programmer, also dabble in microtonal composition as an amateur with occasional short pieces. Ise my Fractal Tune Smithy program to make more elaborate demo microtonal fractal tunes - similar approach to visual fractals. My programs include Tune Smithy and Bounce Metronome.

A lot of the articles on Wikipedia are in need of attention by experts. Some are excellent but written in an academic way that is hard to understand for newbies (microtonal mathematics can get extraodinarily complex involving topics from university level algebra and higher dimensional geometry - more than three dimensions), some is mistaken, or historically inaccurate, and a lot of it is just incomplete and needs a lot of work to be filled out. I attempted a project to fix this in Wikipedia. It never took off. I am currently blocked in wikipedia, happens so easily there [[1]. However Wikipedia's licensing permits us to copy the material to another wiki, and we can use some of its suggestions to fix the project here instead. So that's how I came to found thsi wiki.

Robertinventor (talk) 15:47, 9 September 2018 (UTC)