Septimal diatonic semitone

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Major diatonic semitone
Inverse major seventh
Other names Septimal diatonic semitone
Semitones 1
Interval class 1
Just interval 15:14
Equal temperament 100
24 equal temperament 100
Just intonation 119.44

In music, a septimal diatonic semitone (or major diatonic semitone[1]) is the interval 15:14 About this sound Play . It is about 119.44 cents. The septimal diatonic semitone may be derived from the harmonic series as the interval between the fourteenth and fifteenth harmonics (B7b and B).

The septimal diatonic semitone equals a just diatonic semitone About this sound Play  (16:15, or 111.73 cents) plus a septimal kleisma (the interval 225:224, or 7.71 cents).

Septimal diatonic semitone (15/14) on C About this sound Play 

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