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Ratios template try out[edit source]

32805 / 32768

1.95372 cents
38· 5  : 215
Pythagorean comma
531441 / 524288
23.46001 cents
312 : 219
syntonic comma
81 / 80
21.50629 cents
34 : 24· 5

Just been trying something out with the new wiki. A little template to display a ratio as cents and factorization. Put it at top right top of the page in a few of the intervals pages. Usually use {{Ratio Intervals}}.

Example: {{Ratio Intervals|Schisma|32805|32768||Pythagorean comma|531441|524288||syntonic comma|81|80}}

Displays as shown to right. Note there's an extra parameter you can use to add extra text after each interval. I hoped I could use it to add a play button if you have a rendered midi file for them, but that doesn't seem to be working passing parameters through two layers of template transclusion for some reason. But you can add any wikitext e.g. an extra row of text or just a blank line between each one.

See for instance Breedsma to see it in use. With Schisma I've made a special {{Schisma}} template so that the play buttons can be embedded.

The new templates are

It would be easy to add these for all the pages in the {{Intervals}} template. What do you all think? Robertinventor (talk) 02:19, 10 September 2018 (UTC)